Deposits & Reservations

For more information email Alisaalicia04@aol.com. To make a reservation, call (800) 997-9575. So that we may meet your needs, in your email please let us know which cottage you are interested in, how many guests (children under five years old are free), the date you will be staying, and what you will be doing while in our area. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

You may reserve a cottage up to one year in advance at our current rates with a 50% deposit and the balance due 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival date. If the balance is not received, the cottage will be rented and the cancellation policy will apply. Security deposits are run on your credit card as an authorization only the week (or weekend) that you come for your visit. If we intend on actually charging part or all of your deposit, we will attempt to contact you prior to doing so. Items typically charged for are damages and/or excessive cleaning. If we have to replace the key, it is a $25.00 charge for the key and $50.00 lock change fee.


We accept personal or business checks, all major credit cards, and PayPal.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Cleaning Fees

All cabins have a cleaning fee that applies per visit. Please see each individual cabins’ page for the precise amount.

Cancellation Policy

If cancellations are received more than 30 days prior to your arrival at the cottages, you may receive a refund minus a $75.00 Booking/Processing Fee or a return certificate for the full amount. No refunds or return certificates will be given for cancellations received less than 30 days before scheduled arrival date. We will attempt to re-rent and will refund up to 100% of what we receive from re-renting it minus the Booking/Processing Fee.


For groups that would like to be transported, we offer this service.

$175.00 + tax for a 7-passenger van (transport for up to 6 guests) for up to four hours.

$240.00 + tax for a 15-passenger van (transport for up to 14 guests) for up to four hours.

If there are more than 14 guests, we can make additional trips at the rate of $75.00 per trip.

Additional activities and special schedules can be accommodated at our discretion upon request.

Transportation reservation MUST be made at the time of your cottage reservations. This allows us to secure the driver(s) and vehicle(s) required.

Pet Policy

We do allow pets in all cottages in the common areas (living room and kitchen) only and not on the furniture. In Bear’s Den, pets may also be in the bedrooms (there is no carpet) but not on the beds. For Eagle’s Nest, you will need to have some type of wall gate to ensure they stay in that area. Dogs must be on a leash anytime they are outside the cottage EXCEPT in the IMMEDIATE AREA of the owner(s) while AT their cottage (an exception would be playing fetch and throwing the fetch-toy into the water- your dog does not need to be leashed but still must be under control of the owner(s)). Dogs often see the wildlife, especially the ducks & geese as glorified chew toys and will often injure or kill them with or without intent so please be cautious as some of our wildlife tend to be very friendly (or hungry!). Deer will often lay their fawns very close to a cottage because there are not predators there. DOGS MUST BE LEASHED AT ALL TIMES ON THE TRAILS!

There will be a $100 security deposit per stay for the first dog, and an additional $50 for each additional dog added to the standard deposit. This is completely refundable, provided the pet policy above is followed. If there is dog hair or pet traces found in any of the unauthorized areas, the pet deposit is automatically forfeited and a cleaning fee taken from the standard deposit. We need to keep the properties enjoyable for everyone, including those with allergies who may stay after you!

For daily dog rates, please see the table below.

We can no longer offer dog kennels, sorry.


We now require the use of barb-less hooks so as to greatly reduce the damage to the fish. After receiving several requests from our regular clients to only allow barb-less hooks, we reluctantly tried them and have never looked back. We supply them free of charge and we will also be happy to come to your cottage and adjust your hooks/lures to barb-less. We allow limited numbers and sizes to keep for a fish meal and this allows us to ensure there are 1- BIG FISH; 2- MANY FISH; and 3- ENOUGH FISH FOR A FISH MEAL. WE STRICTLY ENFORCE THE GUIDELINES SO PLEASE INQUIRE IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS AND PLAN ON HAVING THE BEST FISHING YOU HAVE EVER HAD!! (And remember, no fishing license is required!)

Current fish limits per persons fishing (2-day limit/3-day limit for weekly rentals):

2 bluegills (up to 6 inches)

2 crappie (up to 10 inches)

2 perch (up to 10 inches)

1 large-mouth bass (up to 12 inches)

Walleye is currently catch-and-release only.

We recommend walleye fatheads or night-crawlers for the larger fish and crappie minnows or red-worms for the smaller fish. LEECHES ARE NOT ALLOWED BECAUSE OF GUESTS SWIMMING ON THE LAKE!


Rates Current as of May 1st, 2018

“Off Season” – September 14th through May 14th

“On Season” – May 15th through September 13th (5-10% discount on dates from May 14-31 and September 1-14)

Prices listed for “two nights” show the total price for both nights. If you would like to book for any additional nights, please add the “Additional Night” rate.

Two-day minimums – exceptions may be made on a per-case basis off-season only please call for details.

Weekdays can be rented from Monday through Wednesday, Wednesday through Friday, or Monday through Friday. Sorry, no mid-week splits.

Weekly rentals can be started from any day except Saturday and Sunday.

Holidays are at no extra charge but require either a three-day minimum (minor holidays) or a four-day minimum (major holidays).

All May & September on-season rates that do not include a weekend or holiday receive a 5% discount for two-night rentals and 10% for three or more nights!

Please Call regarding all off-season dates for availability! Free dates within the next seven days receive “last-minute” specials

Additional Persons:

 per Weekdayper WeekendPer Week

Dog Rates:

 1st Night2nd NightAdditional NightsWeekly
each additional$20$20$10$50


We offer canoes, kayaks and row boats for rental and at the best rates within sixty miles! Paddles, oars and life jackets are included with your watercraft rental, or you are welcome to bring your own.

We have five canoes, four kayaks and three row boats available, and they can only be held until your reservation balance is paid in full. Please call with questions.

Please note that there is time involved with getting equipment to each location as well as verifying availability and processing the paperwork. Please allow up to a half-day to get rentals together for same-day requests.

Our watercraft are only allowed to be used on Serenity Lake and may not be transported off the property.

 1st Day(after reservation)Additional DaysFinal DayFull Week(after reservation)
Row Boat$35+$5$60FREE$175+$20
Paddle Board$25+$5$50FREE$125+$15
Floating Oasis$25+$5$50FREE$125+$15

If you are renting all four cottages, the watercraft rentals are complimentary – just let us know at reservation time how many you will need and on which days.

Fishing Contest

If you catch the biggest fish of each species and follow the specific guidelines, you can earn a $100 reward. Our concern is to check the health of the fish, get important measurements (weight & length) and a few photos. We will have the instructions in your “Information Book” that will be in each cottage. Be sure to read them prior to fishing so you know what you need to know and what to do! This contest will run through the entire year but each time you catch a fish that is larger than any previously (during 2015), you will be eligible to earn the reward. We have had clients catch more than one fish that qualified during their visit and receive multiple rewards!

The current sizes to beat for 2018 are:

Bluegill: 10 inches.

Crappie: 14 inches.

Perch: 13 inches.

Large-mouth Bass: 21 inches.

Walleye: 22 inches.

We will also be giving away a chance for $25 in exchange for a nice photos of you with your fish. We will pick a certain number of photos each month and the photos that are chosen will receive the $25. If we pick two photos, you will receive $50! Be sure to get the fish back into the water quickly as they can go into shock and die in a very short period of time. Good luck!